Rococo's Exclusive Feature: Noi Aswari Hamka's Journey of Grace and Intellect"

Rococo is delighted to announce its participation in the prestigious release of Prestige Magazine, featuring the multifaceted dentist and model, Noi Aswari Hamka. Noi epitomizes the essence of a modern Renaissance woman, effortlessly balancing her dental career with her passion for fashion, her dedication to health and fitness with her love for culinary arts, and her profound wanderlust with her unwavering commitment to family. Her diverse pursuits have harmoniously converged into a singular embodiment of grace and intellect, truly encapsulating the spirit of Prestige’s August ‘Genius’ Issue.
Noi's fervent desire to create a positive impact and give back to society is evident in her future plans. She expresses, "I always strive to make a positive difference in people's lives, no matter how small. As a dentist, I champion preventive dentistry because prevention always triumphs over a cure. I am committed to educating schools on proper oral hygiene practices and how to maintain healthy teeth."
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